Why Can Fertility Affirmations Be Helpful?

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Being on your fertility journey and desperately hoping to get pregnant, and then feeling that crushing disappointment every time your period arrives and another month goes past can be an incredibly frustrating time.

You might begin to think or to tell yourself “I’m never going to get pregnant”, “I’m obviously broken”, “my body isn’t working in the way it should”, “I’m failing”, “I just don’t think this is ever going to work” ; you might be telling yourself these things as a form of self-preservation or to protect yourself from future disappointment, or because you actually do believe them. What’s the point of telling yourself anything else?

Well, there really is a point to changing your negative self-talk into a more proactive and positive inner dialogue and daily affirmations can help put your mind and body into a different state. Of course it won’t guarantee the outcome you want, nothing carries a guarantee with it, and it isn’t about magically helping you to conceive. But it is about taking some control back and helping your mind and also your body to be in a more positive place along that journey.

To use affirmations effectively you just need to do a few things…

Repeat (aloud) your chosen affirmation/s daily, each time repeating it several times until you begin to notice yourself feeling it. And don’t just say them as that’s kind of meaningless, but instead focus on experiencing the feelings behind them, even visualise them if you can or see yourself . Believe the words you are saying. Feel them. See yourself being in the situation you are focusing on in your chosen affirmation. For example, If you choose to use a phrase with the word ‘trust’ in it, then focus on feeling that level of trust in relation to the situation you are using it with. If you are using an affirmation that mentions relaxation then feel that sensation of your body beginning to relax.

Why Is This Important?

Ruby Wax in her book ‘How To Be Human’ states (obviously far better than I ever could, and incidentally this is a great book that I’d recommend as an enjoyable, easy to read and hugely informative book about how our brains work):

“Your brain and body are one and the same; every thought, emotion and action is a two-way feedback loop from brain to body, and vice versa. If you change your thoughts, feelings and actions, your body changes.”

Ruby Wax, How To Be Human: The Manual, 2018

It’s also important to note that these can be helpful when used alongside other helpful self-care practices. So repeating positive affirmations that you feel are appropriate to you won’t really do much if you aren’t nurturing yourself in other ways too! For example eating a healthy nutritious diet, undertaking gentle, helpful exercise, taking time to relax, practice yoga, meditation etc.

I’ve included some positive affirmations for you here that you may wish to use or to adapt to your own circumstances. Just remember to spend a few minutes saying them – and believing them – every day.

  • I am more than my fertility
  • My body is healing every day
  • I release anxiety and negative self-talk
  • I am worthy of becoming a mum/dad
  • My body is worthy of conceiving
  • My body is capable of conceiving
  • I will find joy in where I am
  • I love and trust my body
  • I am on my own journey. I release jealousy towards others on their journey
  • My body is capable of carrying a child
  • My womb is healing and preparing to nurture new life
  • I am treating my body with kindness and respect
  • I breathe out negative thoughts and breathe in positivity
  • I love, nurture and respect my womb
  • I am grateful for what my body is able to do
  • I am becoming more fertile each day
  • Every step I’m taking helps my body to function in the best way
  • My hormones are beautifully balanced
  • My ovaries are producing healthy eggs
  • I am proud of who I am

If you are preparing for, or already going through the IVF process, affirmations can be really helpful at this time too. To help you focus on the positive aspects of your treatment, to build and maintain your positive belief in the process.

  • My eggs are developing perfectly and healthily with each injection I have
  • My body is getting more ready to receive a new life
  • My womb lining is thickening every day
  • I trust and believe in this process
  • My womb is healthy and ready to nourish and nurture new life
  • My body is responding perfectly to my medication

If you feel you need any extra support on your fertility journey or would like to explore other options, then just drop me a line here. I’m always happy to have a chat.

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