Ticks Not Kicks

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Every journey starts with a single step. And that’s how you start to move closer towards what you want most of all.

This is something we totally believe in and something we encourage our clients to focus on as well. Every positive change, however small, is progress.

After the initial consultation we do with all the lovely people we work with, which covers everything from lifestyle to sleep to stress, nutrition and exercise, we like to check in with you at every appointment to see how you are doing and how you are feeling. (You’ll already know that if you’ve worked with us before!)

We sometimes hear “but I didn’t remember to do this”, “I feel bad I haven’t done more”, “I’ve failed as this didn’t happen this month”. You have never ever failed. You’ve tried. Or planned to try and for whatever reason it just didn’t happen. Don’t kick yourself for what you haven’t done. Let’s focus on what did go well and what we can change next time to make it easier. Never forget all the little things you did do and give yourself a big tick for those.

When we start working with someone with the aim of conceiving, it isn’t about getting pregnant immediately, or within a couple of sessions (although that does sometimes happen). It’s all about preparing you, physically and emotionally, to conceive. It’s about ensuring that everything is where it needs to be and any issues that may be affecting you have been corrected or alleviated so that you are in the ideal place to conceive, or to start IVF.

Each session we have with you isn’t always about the end prize but about the small wins along the way. Sleeping well; starting to reduce your caffeine or alcohol intake; making positive nutritional changes; taking steps to balance your hormones; feeling able to manage your stress levels. These can lead to an improved sperm count; bleeds that are no longer painful; a natural ovulation for the first time; a period that wasn’t medically induced; a more regular cycle. There are all amazing and are really important steps along the way.

Every little thing you do that takes you one step closer to where you want to be, however small that thing is, is a massive tick! Because we don’t believe in kicks. Life can be hard and we’re all doing as well as we can. Nobody is perfect and we can’t always achieve everything that we hoped to. Especially not all in one go anyway! So let’s focus on ticks rather than kicks and celebrate the small wins. They are the ones that add up to the biggest celebration after all.

Ticks not kicks: both along your fertility journey and in life too.

Nicky x

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