The Results Fertility Reflexology Helped Us Achieve!

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At Nurture 4 Life we work with many couples who are trying to conceive and for whom it doesn’t seem to be happening. Or certainly not as easily as they had hoped.

So it’s always special when one of our reflexology couples receives the outcome they have been waiting for! Here we share the results fertility reflexology helped one to couple achieved.

We met Mrs ‘X’ when she and her husband had been trying to conceive for over 6 months, with an irregular menstrual cycle, heavy periods and some issues that indicated that her hormones were imbalanced.  She was also quite stressed and finding it difficult to switch off, which also meant she always felt very tired.

After a month of careful treatment she had her first ‘normal cycle’ and felt a lot less stressed and more in control, and  six weeks later, after another normal and regular cycle, she discovered she was pregnant!

She tells her story here…

“I was dubious when my doctor recommended that I try reflexology to help me conceive after I had gone to see him for advice, but my husband and I were desperate for a baby so we were willing to give anything a go.  How wrong I was to doubt it!

I was really apprehensive before my first session as I don’t enjoy treatments and feel embarrassed about my feet, but Nicky was so kind and welcoming and she immediately made me feel at ease.  I left feeling like a weight had been lifted!

Within a month of visiting Nicky for treatments, my periods had regulated and I was starting to feel calmer about everything.  And around a month after that I discovered I was pregnant – amazing!

I don’t think that it was a coincidence that after months and months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, visiting Nicky and Nurture 4 Life helped us to achieve our dream.

Not only has Nicky helped us to conceive, I also find the treatments really relaxing and now see it as a way to ease my stress! She is brilliant and makes the whole experience really enjoyable.

I will be forever grateful to Nicky for the help she has given us and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone else trying to have a baby.”

It’s always a privilege to be able to share such happy news.

If you think that reflexology may be able to help your health and wellbeing and bring you closer to achieving your goals, we are always here to help so book a free, no obligation chat with Nicky and find out more.

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