Client testimonials

I am always very grateful to receive feedback from my clients. Here are just some of the things people have recently said about their visits…

Trying to Conceive…

The Best Place for Fertility Issues

“I have recommended so many people to Nicky at Nurture 4 Life as I truly believe you couldn’t find a better place to get support with fertility issues. Nicky was so warm and sometimes a session with her felt like I’d had therapy/chat with a friend/a mini holiday!! Throughout my time at Nurture 4 Life I felt less stressed and more positive. And I am now pregnant after 4 years of trying to conceive! I feel so lucky to have connected with Nicky at such a hard time and just want to thank her for always being there and going above and beyond.”
Mrs B, Gloucester

Her Guidance, Expertise and Support Changed My Life

“Nicky creates a safe space where you are free to work through the emotional and physical turbulence of poor fertility and her guidance, expertise and support changed my life. I fell pregnant during the second month of working with Nicky and have continued to see her for reflexology and massage throughout my pregnancy which helps me considerably.  I highly recommend Nicky to anyone struggling with fertility, pregnancy or just looking to feel more connected to their body. She is really easy to talk to and encourages you to embrace all of your emotions.  You really feel like she cares.”                                  Emily Walsh, Gloucestershire

Made All The Difference To My Fertility

“Anyone considering or going through fertility treatment should make seeing Nicky a must. I am quite sure that the reflexology made all the difference to my fertility and consequently our successful IVF cycle. I feel so fortunate to be able to benefit from Nicky’s skill and experience; I have found and still find reflexology even more relaxing and effective than I was expecting, Nicky is really very skilled and intuitive. The overall experience is so calming – she is lovely and easy to talk to. And I also have better overall health and wellbeing day to day too.”
Mrs I, Cheltenham

Stabilised My Cycles

“My GP recommended reflexology to improve my fertility whilst we were waiting for the outcome of investigations. I’ve been surprised by the range of things which a treatment can cover. I went for treatments to support fertility treatments, but I’ve had help with back pain, pelvic pain and lymphatic drainage. I’ve always walked out of a treatment standing taller and feeling better. Prior to IVF reflexology improved my mood and stabilised my cycles. During IVF one treatment in particular removed the pain at my injection sites and I had treatments during my successful IVF cycle. The emotional support has been fantastic. Nicky provides a safe space to talk through, and resolve, any fears and worries.”
Mrs J, Gloucester

Conception and Emotional Support

“I was diagnosed with PCOS and decided to look into alternative treatments to help alleviate the symptoms and assist with conceiving.  A friend recommended Nicky at Nurture 4 Life.  Apart from becoming pregnant, my sessions have really helped to reduce my stress levels and helped me relax.  Not only has it improved my physical wellbeing, I also feel that it has helped me emotionally.  I have been delighted with the outcome!   Having been informed by the doctors that I would find it difficult to conceive, I became pregnant within two months of having treatments.  I firmly believe that both the reflexology and emotional support played a huge part in helping me.”
Mrs P, Cheltenham

Less Alone In The World of Infertility

“I loved how honest and approachable Nicky was.  I had to discuss some very difficult and intimate issues and never once did I feel judged.  I’ve learnt a lot about my reproductive system and fertility; seeing Nicky has been an opportunity to learn about my body, offload my worries and concerns and come away feeling more positive about myself.  Nicky gives a wonderful and relaxing fertility massage, but the reflexology is equally as relaxing.  The opportunity for relaxation and Nicky’s breadth of knowledge and experience with fertility and pregnancy is why I love seeing her.  It has made me feel less alone in the world of infertility. Thank you.”
E McConaghy, Gloucestershire

Helped Me Work Through My Miscarriages

“I was referred to Nurture 4 Life after my miscarriages.  Nicky was incredibly supportive and attentive and made me feel totally at ease.  Her knowledge is second to none and her advice was invaluable when I sought help from my GP.  I have been seeing Nicky regularly now for 8 months (March 2017) and am thrilled to be expecting again.  I truly believe the reflexology has helped me work through my miscarriages, has helped us conceive again, is continuing to help me with a healthy pregnancy and is great for giving me time to unwind and relax.  I’m so grateful to Nicky.”
G Major, Gloucester

Reflexology Helped Us Conceive

“I was dubious when my doctor suggested that I try reflexology to help us conceive. But my husband and I were desperate for a baby so we were willing to give anything a go. How wrong I was to doubt it! Within around a month of having treatments my periods became regular and I was starting to feel calmer about everything. Around a month later I discovered I was pregnant!  I don’t think it was a coincidence that after months of trying unsuccessfully, visiting Nicky at Nurture 4 Life helped us achieve our dream. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone else trying to have a baby.”
Mrs W, Cheltenham

Help with Infertility Issues

“For 18 months Nicky has helped me greatly with my infertility issues. Her knowledge and guidance has supported me, calmed me and restored me throughout a very difficult time. I completely believe that Nicky and her treatments have made my journey of operations, tests and medicines so much easier. She has helped me to be less stressed during an increasingly stressful time.”
Mrs M, Cheltenham

Anxiety After My Miscarriage

“I was trying to conceive following a miscarriage, I had a lot of anxiety and my body wasn’t settling back to normal.  I conceived again after three reflexology sessions and also felt less anxious about it all. I always come away exceptionally relaxed. My pregnancy massage also resulted in the first full nights sleep in a few weeks and really relieved my aching hips and back.”
Mrs P, Gloucester

After My First Treatment, I Was Hooked!

“I was recommended by a trusted friend and after my first treatment I was hooked! I completely believe that Nicky ‘helped’ us get pregnant.  It was her in-depth knowledge of everything – and how accurate it felt during and after each treatment.  I loved the whole journey from beginning to end; from the charting of my temperatures and dragging every last piece of information from Nicky to doing the test, to bump, and then finally to baby!  I’ll definitely be back when number two is being “planned”!!
A Siddall, Cheltenham

The Whole Experience Was Fab

“I really really believe that reflexology worked for me.  Nicky helped me to relax, stay calm and stop obsessing about getting pregnant.  And within a month I was pregnant! I just felt so at ease and very comfortable and Nicky was so easy to talk to.  I have no doubts that thanks to my treatments I had my happy outcome.”
Mrs S, Cheltenham

Confidence and Reassurance

“I suffered another miscarriage, which reflexology helped me to deal with.  Nicky also gave me practical advice regarding further tests and what to request.  She gave me confidence while still reassuring me that it was possible to get pregnant.  I then got pregnant!  And had a healthy baby boy!”
Mrs C, Cheltenham

Worked Alongside Medical Intervention To Support It

“My treatments were able to work alongside medical intervention and support it.  I never felt I had to make a choice between holistic treatments and medicine, whereas I had felt this way elsewhere.  Nicky is both knowledgeable and honest about how and when treatments could help.  It definitely helped me through an anxious pregnancy after several previously unsuccessful IVF attempts.”
Mrs B, Gloucester

My Focus Changed

“My focus came away from when I could take a pregnancy test and why I wasn’t falling pregnant and moved to making positive changes to my daily routine, health and wellbeing.  Nicky is a very lovely lady and fantastic at her job.  I was also able to chat openly and I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable.  I now have a healthy son.”
Mrs C, Cheltenham

An Outstanding Holistic Practice

” Nicky is such a wonderful person and therapist. Her professionalism and calmness reassures the most anxious person and her tailored approach to each person makes it an outstanding holistic practice. You feel calm and relaxed from the moment she greets you. Nicky is so knowledgeable you know straight away you are in the best hands possible.
Mrs H, Gloucestershire

Made My Dreams Come True

” Nurture 4 Life and Nicky made my dreams come true last year (2020) as my treatments helped my husband and I to conceive. We started our journey with Nicky and welcomed our baby girl last year. Nicky spends time getting to know you as a person before having the treatments, which I feel is a lovely touch and shows her caring side. She is very thorough and never makes you feel rushed. She is a fantastic, warm-hearted therapist and also makes me feel very calm and positive about life. I would never go anywhere else!”
Mrs C, Gloucestershire

Nurture 4 Life Changed My Life

“Nicky at Nurture 4 Life changed my life! I was really grateful for the support Nicky provided between my sessions with her, sending me positive and encouraging emails whenever I felt worried – I don’t think you would get this from many therapists. She is really knowledgeable, supportive, friendly and understanding and I feel very valued. I have a far more positive attitude towards my fertility and I feel I owe so much of becoming pregnant to the work that Nicky has done with me.”
Mrs C, Gloucestershire


Not Sure How Pregnant Ladies Cope Without Her

“I just want to note how fortunate I feel to be able to benefit from Nicky’s skill and experience. I’m not sure how pregnant ladies cope without her! Not only does she help hugely herself but she has so many great local recommendations and contacts. I love how good I feel after my treatments but also how cared for I always feel after each session with Nicky. I can’t think of anything I would change!”
Mrs I, Cheltenham

Kept Me On My Feet When I Was Pregnant

“Perfect, wonderful and genuine! Nurture 4 Life kept me on my feet when I was pregnant and helped me feel relaxed and calm when I was struggling at the end of my pregnancy.   The best place for treatments I have ever come across. Personal and caring goes a long way and it never feels like they are just following steps. Everything is individually tailored.”
B Hayes, Gloucester

Felt Completely Supported

“I loved the amount of time Nicky spends talking through my current physical and emotional health before each session. I felt really listened to and completely supported. I would definitely recommend Nicky for her ability to listen and empathise. After each treatment I suffered less from hip pain, slept soundly and worried less about pregnancy issues. I believe that the treatments worked so well because Nicky took the time to understand all of the issues I had before each session. The treatments were wonderful, relaxing and grounding for me in the later stages of pregnancy. I looked forward to each session and knew I would sleep so well after each one!
Mrs S, Cheltenham

I Wouldn’t Change Anything

“When Nicky was looking after me during my pregnancy I was able to relax more, I was less anxious and my insomnia improved after a traumatic time in my life. I learned how important it is to listen to my body and felt calmer. Nicky also worked on some aches and pains, especially around my neck area due to stress, and that improved significantly. Nurture 4 Life offers a tailored approach, time for me to share my concerns and I love Nicky’s smile as soon as you walk in the door. I wouldn’t change anything!”
Mrs H, Gloucestershire

Recommended for Headaches

“Nicky was recommended to me through my pregnancy yoga class as I was suffering from terrible headaches during my first pregnancy. She is so attentive, really taking the time to listen to how you are feeling and always taking notes for your follow-up visits and to adapt subsequent treatments to get the best outcome for you. I had regular reflexology from 12 weeks with my second pregnancy and didn’t suffer from any headaches which I’m sure was as a result of my regular treatments. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!”                                                                                                                                              JJ, Cheltenham

Lovely To Have A Specialist Service

“It’s lovely to have a specialist service which focuses on antenatal care, pregnancy and babies.  I don’t feel that the medical profession is always very good at the natural approach so it’s nice to have a balance of both options during pregnancy and postnatally too.  My treatments have provided me with reassurance during a difficult time and gives me time to myself as a busy mum.  I was already aware that Nicky is lovely, as are her treatments.  She is easy to talk to and provides interesting feedback which has helped me to be more in touch with my body and overall health.”
J Ashley, Cheltenham

My Weekly Godsend

“Great service, gorgeous Nicky and seriously helped me! I couldn’t believe how quickly my SPD resolved; who’d have thought reflexology could have such a positive effect!  Highly recommended to anyone worrying or suffering during pregnancy.  If you are going to invest some love in yourself, your money is best spent at Nurture 4 Life.  It was my weekly godsend!”
S Bevan, Gloucester

Outstanding Service

“Outstanding service. I had pregnancy reflexology and massage with Nicky and wow, she’s amazing.  So kind, caring, relaxing, absolutely 1000% would recommend her to anyone.  Feel so relaxed and calm afterwards and has helped me with a lot of my pains with my pregnancy.  Can’t thank her enough!”
Rachael Gray, Gloucestershire

The Treatment Really Helped

“After my treatment with you we carried on using the pressure points and all the other techniques you’d taught us and by the end of the week, baby had turned!! I was convinced they were still breech as I hadn’t really felt anything significant but they’d managed it! I really think the treatment helped baby turn and I was so happy we were able to start the birthing process naturally.”

Mrs M, Worcestershire


“I have had the pleasure of Nicky for (pregnancy) reflexology for myself and for my daughter, I cannot recommend her enough! She is wonderfully patient and kind with little ones and my daughter really loved her session with her, took a lot from it and was still talking about it days later.  My own reflexology has been heaven-sent and helped me relax in pregnancy and I really believe in the benefits of it.  Nicky is a fantastic therapist who is very caring and genuine, it’s like getting your feet rubbed by a very clever friend who knows foot voodoo that makes you feel better.”
G. Harper, Winchcombe

I Couldn’t Believe The Difference

“I had awful SPD/Pelvic Girdle Pain with my first pregnancy and I hobbled in for my reflexology treatment.  One hour later I strolled out and couldn’t believe the difference.  My appointment never feels rushed and Nicky is always able to lend a sympathetic ear and talk through the emotional aspects of my treatment, as well as the physical benefits. She’s always got time for you and is genuinely interested.   The atmosphere is also so relaxing and it’s great to take some ‘time out.'”
S Wilkinson, Cheltenham

The Best Money I Have Spent

“Had a pregnancy massage with Nicky and it was quite literally the best money I have spent on my pregnancy so far! She really took the time to listen to me and based my massage on what my body needed the most. Would recommend in a heartbeat!”
B Went, Gloucestershire

There’s Nowhere Better

“A fantastic therapist who really cares and provides a personal service, always offering extra support and encouragement.  The surroundings are wonderfully relaxing – an oasis in the heart of busy Cheltenham.  I believe my pregnancy and labour would not have been so straightforward had I not benefited from regular reflexology.   I went into labour the day I had reflexology, I’m more confident in my parenting skills and I have less shoulder pain and better posture! Why would I go anywhere else?”
A Dilley, Cheltenham

Super Relaxing & Comforting

“I was looking for holistic treatments to support my mental and physical wellbeing during my pregnancy and my midwife recommended Nurture 4 Life.  I believe the treatments I had were relaxing for baby and mum.  Nicky is wonderful to chat to about what’s on your mind – she is so helpful and knowledgeable which was super relaxing and comforting.  And reflexology made my baby wiggle – too cute!I would like my son to experience reflexology outside of the womb so will definitely be signing up for baby reflexology too!”
D Keddeman-Norbury, Cheltenham

I Genuinely Believe It Helped My Birth

“I was particularly pleased with my reflexology sessions when I was in the late stages of my pregnancy and I genuinely believe that it helped my birth.  I believe it helped prepare my body for labour.  I also had a session four weeks post-birth as I was having some pelvic pain.  This improved after my treatment.  It is very difficult to feel comfortable and relaxed when you are nine months pregnant!  However, Nicky and my treatments helped me feel both of those things.  Additionally, Nicky is an absolute delight and I felt like she took a genuine interest in me and in the birth of my daughter.”
K Morris, Cheltenham.

A More Comfortable Pregnancy

“I’m so glad I was treated to gift vouchers during my pregnancy! I’d wanted to come for a treatment for some time but had always found an excuse not to make time for myself. I felt wonderful after my treatments and they definitely helped to make my last few weeks of pregnancy more comfortable! I’m looking forward to bringing our little boy in for his first treatment very soon.”
S Gore, Cheltenham

I Was Shocked By How Effective It Was

“Having a cup of tea while having a chat about your issues is relaxing and makes you feel valued.  I didn’t feel rushed or like this was just a job for Nicky – she really listened and remembered what I had said.  Even my baby found the treatments relaxing!  Reflexology may not seem like something that would help SPD in pregnancy (how can a foot rub help your pelvis?!) but it was the only thing that helped to relieve the discomfort.  I could move comfortably, go on walks and actually sleep, which until my first treatment wasn’t possible.  Having never had reflexology before I wasn’t sure I ‘believed’ but I was shocked by how effective it was! I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Nicky with any problems or just to ‘reset’.  Thank you so much!”
I Warren, Gloucestershire

The Whole Experience Is Amazing

“I had back pain during pregnancy and I needed maternity-trained specialists.  I had a pregnancy massage, my back pain went and I’ve been relatively pain-free ever since.  The whole experience is amazing and Nicky genuinely cares about you.  It’s just the extra care and attention. An amazing place.”
R Hill, Cheltenham

Pain-Free Pregnancy

“I felt huge benefits pre and post-natally for a chronic back disc prolapse issue and it helped me to continue to work pain-free during my pregnancy.  I feel its therapeutic, rather than just relaxation.  It has a lot of musculoskeletal treatment benefits.  There are so many more benefits compared to traditional spa treatments.  I would recommend Nicky to anyone!”
L Tosh, Gloucestershire

Baby & Beyond…

A Wealth of Knowledge

“I came to Nurture 4 Life because of the fantastic reputation Nicky has.  I’ve absolutely recommended her already because of her huge wealth of knowledge in her specialised field.”
H. Heaton, Cheltenham

Reflexology Is Just Fantastic

“The Children’s Reflexology programme was very enjoyable.  It’s taught me ways of dealing with different aspects of raising both my children.  With my youngest, I’ve found it hugely beneficial for her reflux and teething.  With my eldest, it’s helping to manage his anxiety and strops!  I’ve loved the relaxed atmosphere, the handouts for different issues and it’s been really wonderful.  Reflexology is just fantastic.”
Mrs B, Cheltenham

I Now Know How To Help My Son

“I feel informed about how to help my baby.  During the sessions I didn’t just learn what to do but why, and this made it much easier to remember and to put into practice.  I’ve very much enjoyed it and would most definitely recommend to other mums.  The energy in the room and the sessions were just lovely.”
A Ross, Gloucestershire

Given Me Confidence & Has Brought Us Closer

“The Children’s Reflexology programme has given me the confidence to help both my children and helped bring us all closer when the toddler tantrums were at their worst and when my baby needed help to feel better after his jabs.  I couldn’t recommend it highly enough! It was so easy-going and it was such a lovely atmosphere.  It really helped with bonding after a wobbly few weeks as it was such a calm environment and something special for my baby and I to do together.  However I also love being able to do it with my eldest at home and it really gave me some confidence with his tantrums and has helped so many times!  It really calms my baby down at night and is now part of his routine.  It also helped with his immunisations as he wasn’t sad or moody and has helped with reflux too.  It certainly made a huge difference when someone else fed him without using the reflux reflexology protocol!”
Mrs P, Cheltenham

Five Stars From Me

“I took my 5 week old baby for reflexology and it was fantastic! Will be recommending all my mummy friends to Nurture 4 Life.  The therapist was great at working through the initial fussing of my baby and soothed her instantly.  Five stars from me!”
C  Hartley, Cheltenham