How Children’s Reflexology Can Help

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  • Do you have a colicky baby who struggles to settle?
  • Are they (and you!) struggling with reflux, teething, coughs and colds and allergies?
  • Would you like to be prepared for when tantrums start?
  • Or would like to help them through their immunisations?

There is no worse feeling than when your child is distressed or unwell with conditions that you may not consider worthy of a trip to the GP.   It pains you to watch them suffer and it is debilitating when they naturally turn to you to take their pain and discomfort away but you don’t know how to help them.

The award-winning Children’s Reflexology Programme has the answers you may be looking for!

Nicky will show you to become your child’s own reflexologist by teaching you skills you will use for a lifetime to help them through a range of issues – from newborns to the teenage years!

There are no set routines and ‘best times’ to use reflexology techniques on your baby – simply quick and easy techniques that you can use at anytime and anywhere.  No need to undress your little one – you only need to access their feet or hands to be able to help them.

And as they grow, your reflexology techniques will grow with them.

The Children’s Reflexology Programme is a truly empowering way to help your child from the earliest age. In the personal sessions you will learn simple techniques to support your baby anywhere at any time just by touching their feet!

This programme is aimed at children aged between 0-18 months and is both completely appropriate and massively helpful, for the tiniest newborn upwards.  It covers a wide range of issues and ailments including ear ache, teething, colic, migraine, reflux, tantrums, digestive disorders, allergies, pre and post immunisation and tips for a calm bed time routine. Everything you could need!

Why The Children’s Reflexology Programme Was Born ..

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to visit a reflexologist in the middle of the night, so we teach you to be the next best thing. This is also better for your child as they trust you above anyone else.

The award-winning Children’s Reflexology Programme offers you the opportunity to learn enough about reflexology to treat your family without having to spend thousands of pounds becoming qualified.  Become your family’s reflexologist.

The Benefits Of The Programme

The programme empowers you to be able to offer your little one an easy, gentle, non-invasive complementary therapy at any time of the day or night, from the person they love and feel safe with most – you.

You will learn how to treat specific conditions of childhood, from tantrums to teething to digestive issues, as well as special pre and post immunisation techniques to make those jabs less traumatic for both of you!

And your little one doesn’t even have to be ill to benefit from a treatment. You can use the treatments as a way of keeping your child calm, relaxed, happy and well.

What Materials Are Used?

A carefully designed series of rhymes, pictures and stories are used to engage your little one, especially as they grow up, and are there to help you learn and remember the reflexology too. These really are skills for a lifetime.

You will receive a booklet for each of the conditions we cover and for the techniques learnt, as well as a hardback copy of the delightful course book ‘The Mouse’s House’. There’s obviously ALWAYS the chance to chat and ask questions!

What Our Mums Have Had To Say:

“It’s taught me ways of dealing with different aspects of raising both my children. With the youngest I’ve found it hugely beneficial for her reflux and teething. With my son it’s helping manage his anxiety and strops! Reflexology is just fantastic”  A Brinsford, Cheltenham

I feel informed about how to help my child. It was great as I didn’t just learn what to do but why and this made it easier to remember and put into practice. I would most definitely recommend it to other mums. The sessions were just lovely”.   A Ross

“I have loved it! I bonded with my daughter and am now able to soothe and relax her“.  J Davies, Gloucestershire

“It really helped with bonding after a few wobbly weeks as it was such a calm environment and something special for my baby and I to do together. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”  L Parr, Cheltenham

How To Find Out More

It goes without saying that if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them.

Just schedule a call with me by clicking on the link below.  This call is completely free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever.  During your chat, you will learn more about how I will work with you and baby during the personal sessions and share more about the benefits of learning children’s reflexology.

I look forward to talking to you soon.




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