The Birth Trauma Rewind Technique

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Parenthood is wonderful, exhilarating, overwhelming, challenging and filled with unconditional love.

But sometimes your birth and post-birth experiences haven’t always been the experiences you expected or planned for, and through no fault of your own.

You’ve probably been very busy coping with the challenges and wonders of parenthood and feel like you’ve dealt with these experiences.  Or you’ve simply brushed them under the carpet as you’ve really got too much on to be focusing on it.

And then you find that you’re pregnant again, which should be wonderful.  But instead you feel distressed and tearful.  Maybe even terrified.

If any part of your birth experience was traumatic, it’s more common than you think to feel very ‘out of sorts’ and in a state of shock.  This might have been a recent occurrence or it might have been years ago, as past events can still feel very recent to the point where it’s still affecting you.

Negative, recurring, unhelpful and unwanted thoughts about your birth may be almost constantly replayed in your mind, to the point that it causes you anxiety.  And that can be exhausting.

You may be desperate to be rid of these thoughts and emotions once and for all but just can’t put it behind you, as much as you might try.  Hearing the words “you just need to get over it” from well-meaning friends and family is always well-intentioned but you might also be thinking “I wish I could and I don’t know why I can’t” or “you really don’t know how hard this is or what it was like!” 

You might be constantly on high alert, anxious about others touching or handling your baby, worried about putting your baby down or leaving them with anybody else.  Nightmares, flashbacks and hyper sensitivity can also make the trauma feel as if you’re still living it, even though it’s in the past.  You might try to push these feelings and reminders about the birth away but they keep coming back and you don’t feel like you can talk about them as nobody seems to understand.

Do you feel that you are experiencing any of these symptoms more than three months after the event?

If this sounds like you then you are not alone and there is a way to deal effectively with this so you can move on.

The Rewind Technique is a quick and effective treatment that can be used safely during pregnancy and trauma can usually be resolved within two sessions, although an additional follow-up session is also available if needed.

The Rewind process activates your own natural ability to heal through the use of deep relaxation, guided use of your memory and imagination.

It can lift the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) so can give you the opportunity to feel more positively about your situation and enjoy parenthood.  The technique releases the feelings associated with your birth so that it is possible to look back and remember it with neutral feelings about it.  You will still remember your experiences but they will no longer provoke any feelings of anxiety.

The two session block includes a 90 minute initial consultation and ‘rewind’ and then a follow-up session around a week later to really embed the work that’s already been done.

Parenthood can still be challenging but when you that inner turmoil and panic is replaced with peace and calm, everything is much easier to cope with.

If you feel that this may be of help and would like more information, book a confidential, no-obligation chat with Nicky.




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