Mum and Baby Treatments

At Nurture 4 Life I have years of experience working with new parents.  It’s completely understandable that once you’re home from hospital, settling into your new life, things can often feel a little overwhelming.

It’s not always easy when you’re trying to help your baby settle and adjust to your new roles so I’m here to help you make this time as enjoyable as possible.

I work with you to identify one or several of the following specialised and natural treatments that will help you:

Post-Natal Reflexology

After nine months of carrying your baby and all the physical and emotional changes – not to mention the hormonal changes – combined with the enormous effort and the elation of giving birth, it is important that you have time to regain your equilibrium and adjust to this new stage of your life.

As you enter your fourth trimester, these supportive sessions during this period can give you the time and space to help your transition into motherhood, physically, emotionally and hormonally.  Post-natal reflexology treatments provide a safe, peaceful and relaxing space where you can spend an hour focusing on you and your wellbeing, as well as your new role as a mum.  And newborn babies are always welcome if you would prefer to bring them with you.

Post-Natal Recovery Massage

You’ve brought a baby into the world – congratulations! What an experience that has been – amazing, overwhelming, exhausting, painful, euphoric – and now you may be hoping for the most nurturing postnatal treatment to help you feel restored, grounded and cared for.

Perfect for all new mums, no matter what birth they experienced and especially important during the fourth trimester, Postnatal Recovery Massage is an osteopath-approved, totally nurturing and restorative treatment aimed at bringing balance and treating the changes and physical niggles brought on through pregnancy and birth. This type of treatment blends both positive physical and emotional aspects.

Based on the Ecuadorian postnatal ritual known as ‘Closing the Bones’ and including the use of traditional Rebozo techniques, postnatal recovery massage is all about restoring women after birth and restoring their equilibrium. Each part of this special massage treatment has been designed to relax, restore and realign you after your individual birth experience.

Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies & Children

Reflexology works just as well on babies and children as it does on adults, just with very gentle, simple and yet effective techniques.   It is entirely safe and appropriate for all ages – from the tiniest baby upwards.  Sessions are usually 45 minutes which allows your child or baby to settle so we can work at their pace.  A shorter, focused treatment can be just as effective as a longer one; each treatment is unique to them, how they respond and what they are comfortable with.

The Children’s Reflexology Programme

Do you have a colicky baby who struggles to settle?  Are they (and you!) struggling with reflux, teething, coughs and colds and allergies?  Would you like to be prepared for when tantrums start?  Or would like to help them through their immunisations?   These are empowering sessions specifically designed for parents and carers that combines positive bonding with the healing qualities of reflexology. There are no set routines and ‘best times’ to use reflexology techniques on your baby – you will simply be taught quick and easy techniques that you can use at anytime and anywhere.  No need to undress your little one – you only need to access their feet or hands to be able to help them.

The Rewind Technique

If any part of your birth experience was traumatic, it’s more common than you think to feel very ‘out of sorts’ and in a state of shock.  This doesn’t just apply if you’ve only recently had your baby – even if the birth experience might have been years ago, it can still feel very recent and still be affecting you today.  There is a way to deal effectively with this so you can  move on.  The Rewind technique is a quick and effective treatment that activates your own natural ability to heal through the use of deep relaxation, guided use of your memory and imagination.  Trauma can usually be resolved within two treatments and the treatment can be used safely during pregnancy.

Next Steps

The first step is to schedule a call with Nicky.  This call is completely free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever.  During your chat, you will learn more about the different treatments that we offer and you will receive support and advice on how to look after yourself and your baby during these important weeks and months.

By the end of the call you will have had all of your questions answered and you will have a clear idea of the best treatments for you and baby.  At this point, if you decide you would like to continue on your Nurture 4 Life journey, Nicky will book your first appointment for your first treatment.

Alternatively, if you know exactly what treatment you would like, then just request an appointment below and we’ll get straight back to you.

Please note that the full range of treatments may not be available while the Covid19 restrictions remain in place.