Baby & Beyond

You are now new parents to your new bundle of joy – Congratulations!

You’re home from hospital, settling into your new life and wondering how to help your baby settle as well as adjusting to everything your new role brings.  Wow, there is a lot going on!

And don’t forget that pregnancy does not end in birth.  In your fourth trimester – those first three months of parenthood – it’s equally important to continue with that same level of care that you gave yourself and your little one during the nine months that you carried them.

It’s okay to take time for you and it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.  There is no failure in that, just find the strength and honesty to say “I really need time out to be me today”, “I need help and support with how I’m feeling” or “I don’t know how to help my little one with this – what can I do?”.

At Nurture 4 Life I have years of experience working with new parents.

I understand that once baby has arrived things often feel a little overwhelming.  Which is why Nurture 4 Life is here to help you make this time as enjoyable as possible through a range of different treatments to help.  And many of those are available both in-person and virtually so support can be accessed wherever you are.

If you are sleep-deprived and dream (if you get to be asleep long enough to dream!) of having an hour or two in peaceful surroundings to relax and recharge, there is help here.

If you need to have the space, understanding and support to talk about your birth experience or recover from your pregnancy and birth journey, there is help here.

If your hormones need resettling to help ease you through the fourth trimester, there is help here.

If you need to learn tools and techniques to help your little one through any minor issues they may have, there is help here!

Let’s have a chat.

The first step to finding out more about Nurture 4 Life and how I can help is for us to have a chat.  This call is completely free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever.

During our call I will learn more about your personal situation and you will learn more about the different ways in which I can help.  By the end of the call you will have had all of your questions answered and you will feel more in control of your situation and more confident in the different options available to you.

At this point, if you decide you would like to continue on your Nurture 4 Life journey we can talk about booking your first treatment.

Alternatively, if you know exactly what treatment you would like, then just request an appointment below and I’ll get straight back to you.

You can also book an online consultation here. 

Warm Wishes