What An Abdominal Massage Is Like

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Fertility Massage is a treatment that some people have heard of but most of us don’t really know what it entails.  So, one of our lovely clients has written some of her fertility massage experiences.  Which was a first for her too!

Although we can explain what happens during a treatment, it’s always lovely to hear it from someone who has experienced it first-hand, and for possibly the same reasons as you may be thinking about trying this type of massage…


The First Massage

“My first fertility massage with Nicky today!  A beautiful Mexican doula blanket is the backdrop to this new experience and the music is focused on women which is a nice way to get involved with the mind-set from the start of the session.

Nicky started the massage by working on my back.  The ‘pulsing’ movements at the beginning are a bit of a shock, but cool that it’s not just a normal massage.

When I turned over for the massage on my stomach although Nicky had already explained it, I found the work around my navel and womb area a bit strange at first.  It felt intimate but I was so comfortable with it in a matter of seconds that I fell asleep several times!

Being wrapped in a blanket at the end was a lovely way to finish, it made me feel safe.”

The Second Massage

“I was looking forward to my second massage and made sure to eat early because of the work on my stomach.  Because of where I was on my cycle we didn’t do any work on my womb area.  (We avoid working on the womb post-ovulation).

Nicky started on my back again, which was very relaxing.  The work on my stomach felt lovely and then I had a very strange sensation at a point when Nicky was working in a circle around my navel.  As if looking at a clock face and stopping at each number as the massage went around the clock face, at around the 2pm point I felt quite out-0f-body.

Nicky and my abdomen seemed distant but still on a horizontal plain.  I checked in with myself several times to make sure I wasn’t sleeping but I just went with it.  As Nicky got to the 7pm point I felt myself getting nearer to her and my abdomen until it all felt normal again.

I discussed this with Nicky and she explained that the left side is often associated with maternal issues and the right side can be associated with paternal aspects.  It did feel that it had eased compared to my first massage though!”

The Third Massage

“The massage started differently this time, with different music and with my feet and head wrapped in a blanket.  I enjoyed all of these aspects – it transported me into a different state of mind immediately.

This time I found the abdominal massage very slightly uncomfortable, maybe more mentally than physically.  The work around my womb seemed to exaggerate sad feelings about my fertility issues.  I have been aware of my maternal blocks and am now working on them so feel this will have a positive effect on things.

Ongoing Massages

“My treatments have brought to light how much our menstrual cycles are linked to our emotional and mental health too.  In future massages, when Nicky worked over my abdomen, it felt much better too!”

This lovely client and her partner eventually went on to have two rounds of natural IVF and their baby is due shortly!

If you feel that Fertility Massage might be of benefit to you and would like to chat to us about it, schedule a free no obligation chat with Nicky.





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