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Having a new addition to the family is one of the greatest things to happen in a person’s life but along with that comes the roller-coaster of emotions, the lack of sleep, trying to look after the house and, often, juggling the demands of other children.

Taking care of a new born can often be extremely stressful!  If you know someone with a tiny one, we’ve put together some great tips for you to be a big help!

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1.  Bring food

The best sort is food that comes in disposable containers so that the lovely new mum doesn’t have a single thing to worry about except how long to pop your beautiful dish in the microwave! Cooking good meals can be so stressful and time consuming for someone who’s already sleep-deprived and taking care of a little human 24/7.  Bringing over a nice home-cooked meal she didn’t have to make herself and doesn’t have to wash up herself is a huge gift.

It’s always lovely that your friends and loved ones are so delighted for you and can’t wait to come for baby cuddles and coo over your little bundle of joy.  It’s even lovelier if they can put the kettle on and do the washing up before getting those precious cuddles.  And don’t bat an eyelid when you’re still in your pyjamas and haven’t had chance for a shower yet.  Actually, if they could look after the baby while you have a shower, that would be even better!

2.  Give the gift of sleep

Arrange a time to come over for the sole purpose of taking care of the baby while mum grabs some well-earned shut eye. Be sure to confirm this intention before arriving, otherwise she might find a way to wiggle out of it or feel a little awkward about grabbing some sleep while you’re there. If you go over with a plan, she won’t have the guilt of sneaking off for forty winks!

3.  Get her out of the house

Sometimes both mum and baby just need to get out of the house.  A twenty-minute stroll, with baby in the pram, will do her the world of good; fresh air and a friendly chat is a really great tonic!

4.  Take her other children out

Parenting a tiny one can be much more difficult when you have to tend to a new baby and other children.  Take out her older children, for an afternoon or even better as often as you can, because that will really take the pressure off for a couple of hours and reduce her feeling of guilt that the older children aren’t getting enough attention.

5.  Order a cleaning service

No, this isn’t insulting! Booking even a light cleaning service will really take the pressure off any new mum.  Be sure however that it isn’t you who goes over to clean, watching friends clean your house can cause so much guilt versus the relaxing experience of an hour having someone who is being paid to help out with either the cleaning or the laundry.

6.  Help with food shopping

Whether you stay and watch the baby while mum goes to pick up groceries for the week or you take her list and traipse the aisles for her, this would help her out no end! And if you really want to make a difference, do the shopping and take baby with you, giving the lovely new mum a much-needed break.

7.  Be extra attentive if baby needs extra support

If baby has any medical issues or complications, you don’t need to be the expert on it; but what would be great is if you could step up and help out as much as possible to try and lessen the strain on baby’s parents.

8.  Always arrive with supplies

An alternative ‘hello’ gift to cute clothes would be some nappies or some baby wipes; everyone buys clothes and there’s only so many outfits that baby can wear!  But they’ll be going through nappies like no-one’s business and they’re really not cheap so they will be hugely appreciated!

9.  Be aware of the signs of postnatal depression

One of the greatest things you can do for a new mum is to look out for her health; both physically and mentally. Be aware of what to look for and be open to discussing and supporting her if she needs to talk.

10.  Make a ‘Baby Sleeping’ sign

You can bet your bottom dollar that mum will just get baby to sleep when the doorbell rings and wakes baby (and possibly mum!) up.  Make a lovely, handmade sign for her to put on her front door to stop both her and baby being disturbed at those crucial times.

And if you really want to do something really special, why not treat her to a New Mum Rebalance at Nurture4Life.  This wonderful experience will help her body gently return to its pre-pregnancy state, ease any discomfort and give her precious time to take time out and relax.


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