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If you’re a mum, you’ve probably experienced the teething, crying, tantrums, restlessness and anxieties that came as part of the many joys of parenthood.  It can be the hardest thing to see your child suffer discomfort or pain and not be able to help.  Or to see them feeling unsettled and not happy. Or having a full-blown tantrum. 

One amazing mum and reflexologist, Susan Quayle, knew what that felt like so developed The Children’s Reflexology Programme and it has now happily arrived with us in Cheltenham!


Many of us adults have experienced the benefits of a wonderful reflexology treatment and we can now deliver that same joy to our children/grandchildren/younger friends and family members.  Anybody can learn how to use these techniques with the help of a Children’s Reflexology Programme Practitioner and their fun interactive workshops.

Children have rarely built up the same barriers that adults may have done throughout their lives, and if adults tend to respond well to reflexology then it can have a powerful effect on children too.

Adults and children are now able to learn empowering tools together, to ease stress and distress during childhood and on to adulthood.  This is all done with the help of Susan’s unique, delightful and engaging children’s book, The Mouse’s House.  Susan’s story is based on a group of animals, each one representing a different reflex area of the foot, with a foot map diagram to show parents where to work on the foot.  As each character enters the story the storyteller moves onto a new reflex area so as the story progresses, the child receives a reflexology treatment.  It works as a wonderfully bonding experience for carer and child to read and work through together, the story helps engage the child and helps the carer to remember the techniques. And is easy enough to be used anytime, anywhere!

The Mouse’s House forms the integral part of the sessions, so each participant in the programme receives their own copy to keep, as well as clear and easy to understand course hand-outs and a certificate of attendance.


Rebecca, our Children’s Reflexology Programme instructor will be running the workshops over four weeks, with each weekly session lasting 90 minutes.  The techniques used are completely safe and suitable for dealing with general stresses, strengthening the bonds between carers and children, as well as helping to alleviate common childhood illnesses.

Classes will be small and relaxed and can be split into age groups so the course content is always appropriate for each child and carer there.  Special courses will also be run for mums-to-be in their last trimester so their baby is able to receive reflexology from day one, as well as courses for grandparents who don’t have their grandchildren with them but would like to learn the treatments for when they come to stay.

Courses are available with material specifically for: newborns to pre-crawlers; crawlers; toddlers; pre-schoolers and mums of school children.

And these workshops aren’t just about learning the reflexology techniques; you may meet other mums-to-be and new parents in your area and enjoy a relaxed social time too!

As Susan say, “All of this empowers you to do something positive to help your child.  It also helps your child by strengthening the bond they already feel for you and strengthening their belief in you.  This gentle therapy offers families a valuable relief from some of the worst feelings a parent can experience – powerlessness and helplessness!”

If you would like to find out more about the Children’s Reflexology Programme, there will be a coffee morning with storytime for children at The Camomile Rooms on Saturday September 19th from 10am-12pm.  Or just call us on 01242 227752.







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