Positive Birth Preparation

Research studies from around the world have shown that the use of hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques in childbirth lead to shorter labours, less pain relief and reduced medical intervention.

Positive Birth Preparation sessions give you the opportunity to discuss any fears or concerns you may have about the birth and learn skills to help yourself overcome them.  Yvonne then uses a combination of active birth ideas, deep relaxation and hypnotherapy to help prepare you for the birth of your baby.

Each session lasts an hour and also incorporates techniques to help you stay calm and allow yourself to have the most relaxed, positive and empowered birth experience where you feel in control of whatever birth you have.

One hour: £45

Bespoke Birth Preparation Course

The sessions are completely bespoke for whatever you would like to cover.  They are run on a one-to-one basis and focus completely on you. You will not follow a set course but your sessions will be led by you and your needs.

Why Would I Benefit?

If you’re a second-time mum and have had a previously difficult or traumatic birth

  • If you are feeling anxious and worried about any aspect of birth
  • If you would like this birth experience to be different to your first


Course of four 60 minute sessions: £160