Positive Birth Preparation Workshops

Whether you want a natural water birth at home or are planning on having an epidural in hospital, what you learn on these classes will give you the confidence and ability to work with your body no matter what birth you may experience.

The workshop is split into two main subjects across four weekly sessions: Natural Pain Relief and Practical Birth Preparation.

The Natural Pain Relief Classes: These focus on your mental preparation for birth by helping you address and overcome any fears you may have.  It will also teach you how to relax and to use your breathing effectively, as well as understanding why and how these things are so important.

The Practical Birth Preparation Classes: These will teach you simple, effective and practical tools and techniques to stay calm, relaxed and confident at all times as well as helping you to understand the physical and emotional map of birth.

How would I benefit from attending birth preparation workshops?

  • You will overcome any fear of birth you may have
  • Feel relaxed and calm at all times, especially in the lead up to the birth
  • Increase your energy and wellbeing
  • Ensure good quality sleep
  • Increase bonding with your baby
  • Dramatically reduce the level of pain experienced during childbirth
  • Increase your sense of being in control
  • Reduce the need for medical intervention
  • Increase your chance of having a calm, alert baby
  • Enjoy comfortable breastfeeding
  • Decrease the chance of experiencing postnatal depression

Your birth partner will benefit by:

  • Having a better understanding of the birthing process
  • Having the opportunity to discuss their fears, concerns and needs
  • Enjoying watching you let go of your fears and learn to relax deeply
  • Learn effective ways to support and help you during the birth
  • Learn how to help you have the birth that is right for you
  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed about the forthcoming birth

Four x 2.5 hour group workshops over four weeks: £220
All classes are kept to a maximum of three couples to give you maximum focus, care and support.

One-to-One Birth Preparation Workshops: £320
These cover everything as in the group classes but with a dedicated focus on you and your birth partner.