During pregnancy physical changes occur in the body to prepare for labour such as:

  • the pelvis tilting forwards
  • ligaments becoming looser
  • the abdomen expanding and increasing weight on your legs and hips

These changes add stress to the body, and in some women can lead to changes such as pelvic pain, SPD, sciatica, low back pain and shoulder pain.

Katie uses gentle techniques, such as stretching, manipulating joints and muscle work to loosen tight joints and muscles, as well as building strength and improving posture. Katie also prescribes exercises and gives advice you can easily use at home to help improve your pregnancy-related symptoms.

Reducing pregnancy aches and pains can help to reduce stress and can lessen insomnia, leading to a more comfortable experience of pregnancy!

  • 60 minute initial consultation and treatment: £45
  • 45 minute follow-up appointments: £40

Find out how Osteopathy can help when your little one arrives.