Fear Free Birth

This is a wonderfully relaxed and positive session to prepare you, both mentally and emotionally, for giving birth.

Research studies from around the world have shown that the use of hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques in childbirth lead to shorter labours, less pain relief, reduced medical intervention and higher Agpar scores (measurement of baby’s wellbeing at birth).

Fear Free Birth sessions use a combination of active birth ideas, deep relaxation and hypnotherapy to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. It allows you to identify your fears and learn skills to help yourself overcome them. Each session lasts an hour and incorporates techniques to stay calm as well as ways to use self-hypnosis to allow you to have the most relaxed, positive and empowered birth experience where you feel in control of whatever birth you have.

  • One hour – £45

Fear Free Birth Preparation Courses:

  • From £160 for four sessions, including support with your birth plan. Read more.