Pregnancy and Birth

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Pregnancy is the start of an exciting and sometimes anxious time that can bring huge changes – both physically and emotionally – as your baby grows.

It’s completely natural to feel a little daunted at the prospect of parenthood as well as all the changes your body will go through, but you can choose from a range of treatments to help you both cope with the challenges and enjoy the wonders of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

Your body is placed under enormous physical strain when you’re pregnant – you’re carrying precious but sometimes heavy cargo and you want to feel as comfortable as you can. And this is how you can achieve just that… Read more


During pregnancy physical changes occur in the body to prepare for labour such as:

  • the pelvis tilting forwards
  • ligaments becoming looser
  • the abdomen expanding and increasing weight on your legs and hips

These changes add stress to the body, and in some women can lead to changes such as pelvic pain, SPD, sciatica, low back pain and shoulder pain. Read more

Maternity Reflexology

Advanced and specialised techniques work with your body to help ease the physical and emotional strain of pregnancy, and maximise the health of you and your baby. These treatments are safe to have from day one of your pregnancy, right up until baby’s arrival. And may even encourage their arrival! Read more

Positive Birth Preparation

These can be taken either as a stand-alone workshop or in conjunction with other antenatal courses as they approach birth from different angles.  Most antenatal courses cover a wide range of topics from what will happen during the birth, pain relief options and breastfeeding.  Positive Birth Preparation classes focus exclusively on what you can do to help yourself have the most positive birth experience, regardless of the type of birth you are planning.  You will learn in-depth skills to prepare yourself for the birth mentally, emotionally and physically. Read more

Positive Birth Preparation Workshops

Teaching you easy, effective, and powerful techniques for a calm and relaxed birth. These bespoke sessions are wonderfully relaxed and are designed to help to prepare you mentally and emotionally for a positive birth experience. Read more