Reproductive Reflexology

Reproflexology ™, otherwise known as Reproductive Reflexology, is used to work alongside both you and your partner at any stage of your fertility planning.

It is helpful for both of you to be in good health when hoping to conceive. The correct diet, exercise and lifestyle will boost your chances of a happy outcome. Our aim is to focus on both of you as you approach conception.

We can also treat both you and your partner separately, as well as together. This doesn’t mean that you need to come for your treatments at the same time, just that our treatments are suitable for both of you either individually or as a couple.  Although we do recommend that you both attend your initial consultation, if possible.  Whether we work with one or both you, we still very much treat you as a couple.

Specifically designed techniques help to bring your body and hormones back into balance, creating the most receptive environment ready for your body to conceive.

After a detailed consultation, you will receive a personalised treatment plan that includes dietary and lifestyle advice to optimise your chances of conception. The relaxation, stress relief and emotional support that reflexology provides is also pivotal in helping you to conceive. Reflexology treats the whole you rather than any singular health concern and focuses on you achieving and maintaining balance and harmony within.

Our reproductive reflexology treatments currently have a success rate of 70%.

  • Initial consultation and taster treatment (up to 2 hours) This also includes a client information pack and home care advice: £70.
  • Subsequent 60 minute treatments: £45
  • Course of four 60-minute treatments (excluding initial consultation: £155 (saving £25)

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