Pre-Conception Therapies

The Fertile Body Method

The Fertile Body Method is a mind-body approach to fertility which works to support you as you approach your fertility in a holistic way. Read more

Fertility Massage Therapy

Fertility Massage is a unique and intuitive massage that works on the Reproductive, Digestive and Sacral areas to help heal, support and rebalance, as well as improving blood, nerve and lymph flow to the abdominal area. Read more

Reproductive Reflexology

Thinking about starting a family? Or considering adding to your family? One of the most important things you could do is ensure both you and your partner are in the best possible health. Reproflexology will help you achieve just that. Read more

Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis looks at how your diet and any environmental factors may be affecting your health and can help identify how best to support your body with nutritional, dietary and lifestyle changes to boost your natural fertility.  If you are feeling frustrated at a lack of answers or information that you are getting from a conventional approach or are interested in addressing imbalances in your body to promote positive health, a hair analysis test could be the answer. Read more

Nutritional Therapy

Research has shown that following a healthy eating regime can boost fertility and increase chances of conception and the earlier you make changes the better! Sometimes a few minor changes can work wonders. Let us provide you with a nutrition plan that is achievable and sustainable as you work towards pregnancy. Read more