The Fertile Body Method

The Fertile Body Method is a mind-body approach to fertility which works to support you as you approach your fertility in a holistic way.

Our reproductive health and wellbeing isn’t just viewed from a physical perspective, but can also be experienced as mental and emotional wellbeing too. The Fertile Body Method encompasses all of these and looks at how our mind can affect our body and vice versa.  Our physical and emotional wellbeing should be in balance.

Stress can have a huge impact on our physical wellbeing and fertility, although being told to “just relax and you’ll get pregnant” is both unhelpful and inaccurate.  The Fertile Body Method helps to enhance fertility, prepare you for conception, provide support and reduce the negative effects of fertility issues by:

  • Reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Restoring hormonal balance, regulating the natural balance in the autonomic nervous system, regulating and restoring healthy immune function.
  • Creating balance in the body, which can be further enhanced by creating balance in thinking.
  • Decreasing negative self-talk and excessive worry.  This will help restore emotional and physical balance and ensure that these changes are maintained.
  • Identifying and resolving issues which may be preventing conception.  This may be conscious or subconscious resistance.
  • Helping you to make necessary changes to lifestyle, diet, smoking, alcohol and exercise habits.
  • Improving intimacy and sexual relationships for natural conception.
  • Supporting you as you make decisions about fertility treatments and other options for parenthood.
  • Help you work through negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, guilt, anxiety and depression.
  • Building coping skills and developing inner resources.
  • Restoring your trust in your body.
  • Providing emotional support and an opportunity to talk openly.
  • Coming to terms with infertility.

Hypnotherapy is used, along with other techniques and approaches and the teaching of self-help tools that continue to enhance fertility.

The Fertile Body Method can also be used alongside IVF and other medicated treatments.  Studies have shown that the use of hypnosis during embryo transfer doubles the IVF outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates (‘Impact of hypnosis during embryo transfer on the outcome of IVF embryo transfer: a case control study.  Fertility and Sterility Journal. May 2006; 8 (5):14040-8))


Initial Consultation – 90 minutes.  £60

Subsequent 60 minute treatments – £50

Course of six 60-minute treatments – £260 (saving £40)