To Heal The Womb Is To Heal The Woman

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When I booked onto the wonderful Clare Blake’s Fertility Massage course, I was expecting the usual kind of training course I regularly attend – a lovely supportive group of therapists, new techniques and a new treatment to be able to offer clients.  Now all of this was true but Fertility Massage does so much more and is so much more than I could ever have expected.  I certainly wasn’t expecting to say that it was life-changing for some, healing, releasing and empowering.  And all with a very healthy dose of chocolate to help ease the way! (Always a massive plus!)

I expected to learn about being able to identify the position of the womb, work specifically over the pelvic area to ease menstrual pain, help break down scarring and adhesions, learn ways of working over the abdomen to improve digestion, as well as learning all about how vital it is that our reproductive systems, digestive systems and immune systems are healthy and working together.  And we did all of that (completely fascinating and lots more in another blog post!) but I’m not sure any of us expected it to be so emotionally opening, accepting, and often healing.

Admittedly, it was the first course application form where one of the questions was “how do you feel about your womb?”.  Hmm, okay, well I hadn’t felt anything or thought about it in a long time, perhaps ever!  That soon changed as one of the first things we did on the first day of training was a blessing and meditation to connect us to our wombs.  I was sceptical to say the least and I really didn’t think that I would be writing this with a straight face and a sincere belief in how important that is at that particular point in time!  But feeling connected to our bodies in a positive way is essential.


Fertility Massage works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and although its name suggests that it is all about getting pregnant, fertility encompasses more than that.  Treatments to aid conception play a massive role but if you’re experiencing reproductive issues and not trying to get pregnant, it can still be enormously beneficial.

It can increase circulation to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, help balance hormones, helps get rid of old, stagnant blood, tissues and scar tissue and can be used in the treatment of:

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis and Fibroids
  • Heavy and/or Painful Periods
  • Irregular bleeds
  • Poor Egg/Sperm Health
  • Poor Mucus Production
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  • Digestive Complaints
  • Lower Back Pain


Physical conditions can also cause emotional issues.  And sometimes we hold onto those without realising.  Pain may affect our stress levels. What we might see as our failure to conceive or to carry a baby can be emotionally painful, frustrating and isolating.  We may become isolated from our bodies, and specifically our wombs, as a result.  Our abdomens can hold a lot of fears, stresses, tensions and emotions.  Just think about the phrases we use: “Gut wrenching“, “Butterflies in my stomach“.  Fertility Massage helps to gently these tensions, leaving you feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Fertility Massage can also be wonderful at helping ease emotional trauma:

  • Stress
  • Tension from previous emotional traumas
  • Releasing trapped emotions
  • Helps women connect to their wombs and future babies

And just as our reproductive reflexology treatments, it is suitable for using alongside IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg or sperm donor.

This isn’t about that oft-heard phrase “Just relax and you’ll get pregnant!” as anybody who has been in that situation knows that is SO much easier said than done.  Taking time to be nurtured, to relax and release tension and held emotions may gently encourage you to relax and to let yourself be supported on whatever journey you are on.

Whatever your fertility story, Fertility Massage can be of benefit.

To heal the womb really is to heal the woman.

If you would like to find out more, you can contact Nicky for a confidential chat at or on 01242 227752.



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