Fantastic New Courses For Parents

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We are delighted to be running TWO of the award-winning Children’s Reflexology courses in June!

The Children’s Reflexology Programme is a truly empowering way to help your child from the earliest age.  Both courses are for children aged between 0-9 months and are completely appropriate, and massively helpful, for the tiniest newborn upwards.

As A Parent There Is Nothing Worse Than Feeling Utterly Helpless

There is no worse feeling than when your child is distressed or unwell with conditions that you may not consider worthy of a trip to the GP.  It pains you to watch them suffer and it is debilitating when they naturally turn to you to take their pain and discomfort away but you don’t know how to help them.  Which Is Why The Children’s Reflexology Programme Was Born!

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to visit a reflexologist in the middle of the night, so we teach you to be the next best thing.  This is also better for your child as they trust you above anyone else.

The Children’s Reflexology Programme offers you the opportunity to learn enough about reflexology to treat your family without having to spend thousands of pounds becoming qualified.

The Benefits Of Attending A Course

The course takes places across four 90 minute sessions and empowers you to be able to offer your little one a gentle, non-invasive complementary therapy at any time of the day or night, from the person they love and feel safe with most – you.

It is a special medicine cabinet for all your family that no-one can overdose on, that will bring you all together with love and respect through touch and bonding and most importantly empowers you and your children. The course shows you how to treat specific conditions of childhood, from tantrums to teething to digestive issues.  And your little one doesn’t even have to be ill to benefit from a treatment.  You can use the treatments as a way of keeping your child calm, relaxed, happy and well.

A carefully designed series of rhymes, pictures and stories are used to engage your little one, especially as they grow up, and is there to help you learn and remember the reflexology too.  These are skills for a lifetime.  

Only One Place Left On Each Course – Save With Our Introductory Offer

Our next two courses for children aged from 0-9 months will run as follows:

Mouse’s Course

Session 1:  Monday June 5th at 1.30pm

Session 2:  Monday June 12th at 10am Session

3:  Friday June 16th at 12pm

Session 4: Monday July 3rd at 1.30pm

Owl’s Course:

Session 1:  Friday 9th June at 10am

Session 2:  Friday 16th June at 10am

Session 3:  Friday 30th June at 10am

Session 4:  Friday 7th July at 10am

We have the last place on each course up for grabs at a very special introductory price of just £99!  That’s a saving of £21 on the full price of the course.

Each course includes a series of handouts in the form of mini booklets covering all the conditions and techniques you learn as well as the delightful children’s book The Mouse’s House.  There’s obviously tea and goodies too!


How To Book: If you would like to grab one of the last remaining places, just drop us an email stating which course date you would like to book.  This special offer is only available until Saturday 3rd June but don’t leave it until then to book because once these few places are gone, they’re gone!

It goes without saying that if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them.
Nicky x

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