Client testimonials

We are always very grateful to receive feedback from our clients. Here are just a few of things people have recently said about their visits to us…

Kept Me On My Feet When I Was Pregnant

“Perfect, wonderful and genuine! The team at Nurture 4 Life kept me on my feet when I was pregnant and helped me feel relaxed and calm when I was struggling at the end of my pregnancy.

The best place for treatments I have ever come across. Personal and caring goes a long way and it never feels like therapists just following steps. Everything is individually tailored.”
B. Hayes, Gloucester

Anxiety After My Miscarriage

“I was trying to conceive following a miscarriage, I had a lot of anxiety and my body wasn’t settling back to normal. I conceived again after three sessions and also felt less anxious about it all. I always come away exceptionally relaxed. My pregnancy massage also resulted in the first full nights sleep in a few weeks and really relieved my aching hips and back.”
Mrs P, Gloucester

Confidence In a Natural Birth

“The best part of my natal hypnotherapy sessions was understanding the emotional aspects of birth, the importance of preparation, really grasping how natural childbirth is and giving the confidence and trust in my body. This has really helped. Thank you!”
Kate, Gloucester

Conception and Emotional Support

“I was diagnosed with PCOS and decided to look into alternative treatments to help alleviate the symptoms and assist with conceiving. A friend recommended Nurture 4 Life. Apart from becoming pregnant, my sessions have really helped to reduce my stress levels and helped me relax. Not only has it improved my physical wellbeing, I also feel that it has helped me emotionally. I have been delighted with the outcome!

Having been informed by the doctors that I would find it difficult to conceive, I became pregnant within two months of having treatments! I firmly believe that both the reflexology and emotional support played a huge part in helping me.”
Mrs P, Cheltenham

A More Comfortable Pregnancy

“I’m so glad I was treated to gift vouchers during my pregnancy! I’d wanted to come for a treatment for some time but had always found an excuse not to make time for myself. I felt wonderful after my treatments and they definitely helped to make my last few weeks of pregnancy more comfortable! I’m looking forward to bringing our little boy in for his first treatment very soon.”
S. Gore, Cheltenham

Effective Birthing Support

“The key issues for me were learning all the ways to provide effective support for my partner during birth; increasing my confidence to deal with the hospital environment and using the relaxation techniques. Extremely useful. Men need to know this stuff!
Chris, Gloucester.

Reflexology Helped Us Conceive

“I was dubious when my doctor suggested that I try reflexology to help us conceive. But my husband and I were desperate for a baby so we were willing to give anything a go. How wrong I was to doubt it! Within around a month of having treatments my periods became regular and I was starting to feel calmer about everything. Around a month later I discovered I was pregnant!

I don’t think it was a coincidence that after months of trying unsuccessfully, visiting Nurture 4 Life helped us achieve our dream. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone else trying to have a baby.”
Mrs W, Cheltenham

Help with Infertility Issues

“For 18 months Nicky has helped me greatly with my infertility issues. Her knowledge and guidance has supported me, calmed me and restored me throughout a very difficult time. I completely believe that Nicky and her treatments have made my journey of operations, tests and medicines so much easier. She has helped me to be less stressed during an increasingly stressful time.”
Mrs M, Cheltenham

Helped During a Difficult Pregnancy

“My osteopathy treatments were the only thing which kept me mobile during a very difficult pregnancy! It really helped with my back issues and correcting my core stability after birth. There is a relaxed atmosphere, close focus on wellbeing, personally tailored treatment and excellent service.”