The Children’s Reflexology Programme

If you’re a parent, you may have experienced the teething, crying, tantrums, restlessness and anxieties that can come with parenthood. It can be the hardest thing to see your child suffer discomfort or pain and not be able to help.

But help is now at hand with the interactive workshops that form the Children’s Reflexology Programme.

This is an empowering course specifically designed for parents and carers that combines positive bonding with the healing qualities of reflexology, delivered by a fully qualified instructor and experienced reflexologist. They take the form of fun yet calming and interactive workshops, based on the successful children’s book, The Mouse’s House.

This works as a wonderfully bonding experience for parent and child to read and work through together. The story helps engage the child and helps the parent to remember the techniques. And is easy enough to be used anytime, anywhere!

Courses are available with material specifically for:

  • Newborns to Pre-Crawlers
  • Crawlers
  • Toddlers
  • Mums of School Children
  • Pre-natal courses for mums in their last trimester.

The techniques used are completely safe and suitable for dealing with general stresses, strengthening the bonds between carers and children, as well as helping to alleviate common childhood illnesses.

  • Six informal 60 minute sessions for groups of a maximum of 10 parents and little ones, across 6 weeks and including comprehensive course notes of all techniques and musical rhymes and with a copy of The Mouse’s House: £80  (Our group classes at held at The Hive Parenting Hub, just off Tewkesbury Road, with free parking and easy access)
  • Four 1:1 sessions across four weeks with all course notes, techniques, rhymes and a copy of The Mouse’s House:  £160 (£40 per week)

We also offer a special Pre and Post-Immunisation course over two sessions, available as a 1:1 or small group session: £50

Includes tea, cake and a chance to chat and ask questions.