Post-Natal Reflexology

After nine months of carrying your baby and all the physical and emotional changes – not to mention the hormonal changes – combined with the enormous effort and the elation of giving birth, it is important that you have time to regain your equilibrium and adjust to this new stage of your life. You still need time to be you.

Post-natal reflexology helps your body to recover after birth and provides some much needed me-time – letting you look after yourself so you’re better equipped to look after your new baby.

The three months after birth is known as the third trimester, as your body behaves as if it is still pregnant up to three months afterwards.

Post-natal reflexology allows your body to gently rebalance, hormonally as well as physically and emotionally. It provides a safe, peaceful and relaxing space in which you can spend an hour focusing on you and your wellbeing, as well as your new role as a mum.  And if you would prefer to bring your baby with you to your treatment, you are more than welcome.

60 minutes: £45