Even in the smoothest labour you may strain muscles or joints which can sometimes lead to headaches, shoulder or back pain. You may sometimes struggle with weakness in the core muscles and pelvic floor too. Add in to that the postural demands of feeding and carrying a baby, and you may feel that the time has come to be helped to realign!

An osteopathic treatment with Katie can help to relax your muscles and improve areas of restricted movement, making those first few weeks more comfortable.

Katie will also be able to advise you on posture, such as how to carry and feed your baby, as well as advice on how to strengthen your muscles and stretch out any tight ones! And as well as all those benefits, a treatment can also be a great opportunity to relax and have some therapeutic ‘me time’ after your baby has arrived.

  • Initial consultation and treatment: £45
  • Follow-up treatments:  £40