Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies & Children

Reflexology works just as well on babies and children as it does on adults, just with very gentle, simple and yet effective techniques. It is entirely safe and appropriate for all ages – from the tiniest baby upwards.

Gentle Touch reflexology can be used in any situation, no matter what issue or problem children may arrive with. It may help to calm and relax, aid sleep and balance their energy.

Sessions are usually 45 minutes, which allows your child or baby to settle so we can work at their pace. Each treatment is unique to them, how they respond and what they are comfortable with. A treatment will last as long as your child is happy for it to continue. A shorter, focused treatment can be just as effective as a longer one; they always let us know when they’ve had enough.

Small feet can be very responsive!

There are also plenty of toys on hand to amuse, entertain and ensure they feel comfortable too.

45 minutes: £40