Babies & Beyond

You are now new parents to your new bundle of joy – Congratulations! You’re home from hospital, settling into your new life and wondering how to help your baby settle too, as well as adjusting to your new role.

Although it might feel a little overwhelming at times, there are lots of ways to make this time as enjoyable as possible.

Post-Natal Reflexology

After nine months of carrying your baby and all the physical and emotional changes – not to mention the hormonal changes – combined with the enormous effort and the elation of giving birth, it is important that you have time to regain your equilibrium and adjust to this new stage of your life. Read more

Cranial Osteopathy

Did your little one deliver very quickly or were they a little slow in arriving? If they are having trouble settling, feeding or sleeping then cranial osteopathy is a very gentle and calming osteopathic technique which is totally safe and appropriate for babies and young children.

It can be a very helpful addition to everything you are already doing to help them. Read more


Even in the smoothest labour you may strain muscles or joints which can sometimes lead to headaches, shoulder or back pain. You may sometimes struggle with weakness in the core muscles and pelvic floor too. Add in to that the postural demands of feeding and carrying a baby, and you may feel that the time has come to be helped to realign! Read more

Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies & Children

Reflexology works just as well on babies and children as it does on adults, just with very gentle, simple and yet effective techniques. It is entirely safe and appropriate for all ages – from the tiniest baby upwards. Read more

The Children’s Reflexology Programme

If you’re a parent, you may have experienced the teething, crying, tantrums, restlessness and anxieties that can come with parenthood. It can be the hardest thing to see your child suffer discomfort or pain and not be able to help.

But help is now at hand with the interactive workshops that form the Children’s Reflexology Programme. Read more

The Rewind Technique

If any part of your birth experience was traumatic, it’s more common than you think to feel very ‘out of sorts’ and in a state of shock.  But there is a way to deal effectively with this so you can  move on.

The Rewind technique is a quick and effective treatment that activates your own natural ability to heal through the use of deep relaxation, guided use of your memory and imagination.  It can also be used safely during pregnancy. Read more