Nicky Read
BA (Hons), ITEC (Dip), MAR, MCThA, MARR

Nicky is an award-winning therapist and is the founder of both Nurture 4 Life and its sister company, the award-winning Camomile Rooms in Cheltenham, and is a reproductive and maternity reflexologist and pregnancy massage therapist. Nicky firmly believes in the value of complementary therapies to improve and maintain health, positivity and wellbeing for the whole family.

Nicky has been a practising therapist since 2004, specialising in reflexology. She has learnt from many reflexology experts who are considered masters in their field, including Suzanne Enzer who is known around the world for her teaching and experience as a midwifery reflexologist, and considered the founding mother of maternity reflexology; Barbara Scott, founder of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and Sue Ricks, founder of Gentle Touch Reflexology for babies and children. Nicky also qualified in pregnancy massage at the highly regarded Jing Institute of Advanced Massage.

One thing most people don’t know about Nicky: In her spare time she can be found trying to become a better photographer, which is still a work in progress!