Liza Phillips, BSc in Human Nutrition
Systemic Kinesiology Practitioner

Liza is a qualified Systemic Kinesiologist, having qualified with distinction from the Academy of Systemic Kinesiology in London in 2011.  She also has a degree in Human Nutrition, is a fully qualified Reiki practitioner and has completed post-graduate qualifications in Healthy Kinesiology, Cranial Lazer Reflex Technique and Integrated Energy Healing.

She uses a blend of the knowledge gained from her extensive training, as well as information obtained from the hair analysis tests she uses during your consultation, to establish the root cause of your symptoms and identifies the most appropriate and achievable path to help you reach your full health potential.

Liza first discovered Systemic Kinesiology in 2009 and instantly found the world of kinesiology and its potential to help people truly amazing and has been exploring this path ever since.  She considers Kinesiology to be the complete holistic therapy as it encompasses all aspects of a person’s health.  Liza strongly believes in our ability to activate our body’s innate capacity to heal and uses Kinesiology to investigate what the body needs in order to activate its potential.

One thing you may not know about Liza:  She enjoyed her travels through Africa, especially meeting the gorillas in Rwanda.